How to Get 750 Coins Really Fast in Dizzywood

Here’s an easy way to get a lot of coins really quickly in Dizzywood. Props to Olecow who posted this as a comment on my Skyland post. His version is longer and takes more time though. This shortcut is faster.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Go to Wildwood Glen. The sign is in Presto’s Grove
  2. As soon as you arrive, use the zoom control to zoom out all the way. You will see three apples on the tree in the background. You might need to move the slider up a little bit and then down again to zoom completely out.
  3. Move your mouse over all three apples to collect them. You will get a mirth apple in your backpack.
  4. Click on the Presto’s Grove sign to leave.
  5. Repeat the process 15 times. That’s the most number of mirth apples you can have in your backpack.
  6. Go to Explorer’s Camp. Use your Dizzywood Map if you have one to go faster than walking.
  7. Talk to Pierre the chef. He will buy your mirth apples one at a time for 50 coins each. Do this 15 times to sell all the apples.
  8. That’s all you need to do. If you move quickly enough you can do all of the above in FIVE MINUTES or less. That’s fast!

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21 Responses to “How to Get 750 Coins Really Fast in Dizzywood”

  1. marsh13 Says:


  2. Spike000 Says:

    thx, i really need more money!

  3. lilacp Says:


  4. lilacp Says:

    there r other things u can use

  5. Nikki Says:

    yeah like the flowers and whisperweed stems…etc

  6. mkramer96 Says:

    there are other things you can find in wildwood glen but he apples are the fastest to collect

  7. Morgan/dizzygirl24/rollerball3(DW and CP) Says:

    coolio thx

  8. dizzywoodhelpandtips Says:

    Thank you this is a great help for getting coins. Also you can do the missions now for coins very fast. Do the collecting herbs and roots one and you get 300 coins each time.

  9. TwinkyBinky Says:

    i only got 50 dollars ! liar

  10. mkramer96 Says:

    The collecting herbs and roots one is good too!!

  11. statistics Says:

    thnkz i needed more money! ^_^

  12. aferret Says:

    Now i can buy furniture thanks

  13. horsiemad8 Says:

    thank u this is a big help my friends told me how to do this but i never really understood them

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  15. zeldapopstar Says:

    or you can go to jungle

  16. robinrosina Says:

    Where is the sign i cant find it anywhere in prestos grove

  17. robinrosina Says:

    dont worry 🙂

  18. snowflake219 Says:

    NEveR TrYeD It YEt

  19. joasbrosrule Says:

    now its just 3 apples
    IT WORKS SNOW!!!! 😀

  20. joasbrosrule Says:

    M whats ur dw user
    i want to find u!!!!

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