Bring Your Crystal Critter to Life

Bring Your Crystal Critter to Life

This is a mission that you get after you get a crystal critter from the Rescue the Crystal Critters Pt. 1 mission. If you did that mission for the first time you will have a crystal bunnycorn critter in your backpack. It looks like this.

Crystal Bunnycorn

Before you do this mission you will need to have 2,000 coins so if you don’t have that many coins you need to go get them. You can get coins very quickly in Wildwood Glen or you can just play some of the games in the Garden Gazebo to get them.

When you have 2,000 coins go visit Kan the Geomancer in Explorer’s Camp. He is all the way over to the right near the entrance to the Jaguar Temple.

Kan the Geomancer in Explorers Camp

Click on him and choose the reanimate a crystal critter button. Then listen to his story and click on the Reanimate button for the crystal critter you found. If this is your first time finding a critter it will probably be the bunnycorn critter. Click whichever button you can to animate the critter.

Reanimate a Bunnycorn

You will complete the mission. If you don’t have the four critters that you can get from Jaguar Temple, then you will get the Rescue the Crystal Critters Pt. 1 mission again. You can keep doing that mission to get all four of the critters or you can go to Rescue the Crystal Critters Pt. 2.

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13 Responses to “Bring Your Crystal Critter to Life”

  1. purplemoonbeam1000 Says:

    Thank u this is awesome.

  2. greenfriday22 Says:


  3. Moons334 Says:

    Do u no any other mission cheats eg.(monsterous rumour) i really need help

  4. shania_doggy Says:

    me name is shania_doggy on dw and i am gold!

    YAY!!!!!!!!! (dont add meh list is full)

  5. Kairby B. Says:

    M,you are an smarty!

  6. Lilac102 Says:

    how come every time i try to animate the critters its says you have to be a silver explorer?i tried the bunnycorn but it did not work? HELP ME!

  7. Sophia Says:

    but it tells me I have to be a silver member 😦

  8. dizzy09 Says: need to be silver or gold to do this!!!!..

  9. dizzy09 Says:

    ..sooo unfair im not silver yet

  10. Lilac102 Says:

    GO TO FOR CP CHEATS!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. ♥MaTi~15♥ Says:

    Actually her name is,Mkramer96,She made her name M for shortcut

  12. Alibi Says:

    why do they have to make us pay xtra to have FUN
    man i want my piglet critter sooooooo bad!!! i cant reanimate it!! URGH!!!

  13. SuiLin Says:

    It won’t let me animate it. Each time it says you have to be a silver or a gold explorer. Grrrrrrrrr

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