Dizzywood Gift from Sophie

The final Dizzy Activity of the weekend is here. You need to find four hibiscus flowers for Sophie and they are hidden all over Dizzywood. They are in Skytown, Presto’s Grove, Tanglevine Jungle, and Explorer’s Camp. They are all next to some of the characters you meet so they are easy to spot. Look next to Chanjo, Pierre, Olivia and Melinda.

After you find them all you will get a lei headband for the luau party. See you there!

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6 Responses to “Dizzywood Gift from Sophie”

  1. Lolly Says:

    Thanks for showing us

  2. Nokrepkie Says:


  3. Nokrepkie Says:

    Go On Dizzywood.com

  4. Spike000 Says:

    Thanks so much! Every day I always go on your blog!

  5. Nokrepkie Says:

    Whats your name and how old our You M!?!..LOL

  6. Dizzywood Gift from Sophie « Crazymay’s Weblog Says:

    […] Dizzywood Gift from Sophie Dizzywood Gift from Sophie […]

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