Free Gold Explorer Day

November 21, 2009

Today everyone in Dizzywood can be a Gold Explorer for free! When you go to Dizzywood today you’ll see a message that tells you that for today only you can be a Gold Explorer. That means everyone can get a mansion, all the critters, and everything. You also get 2000 coins when you become a Gold!

Free Gold Explorer Day on Dizzywood

When you walk around Presto’s Edge on Whirly everyone has gold portals out and name styled names. LOL.

Kimono and Samurai Outfits

November 18, 2009

There are two new outfits available in the Dizzywood store. They are the Kimono outfit (left) for girls and the Samurai outfit for boys (right). Some people don’t know this but you don’t need to be a Gold Explorer to get these outfits but they do cost points or money in the Dizzywood Exclusives Store. Each outfit is three pieces, a top, a bottom, and a hat.

Dizzywood Samurai and Kimono Outfits

Dizzywood Gold Explorer Free Weekend

November 17, 2009

Here is some big news for Dizzywood players. This Friday and Saturday, November 20th and 21st, everyone gets to be a Gold Explorer. You’ll get access to all the Gold Explorer clothes, missions, the mansion…everything.

That’s really cool!

If you really want to take advantage of everything, though, you’re going to want to earn lots of coins really fast. Because you’ll only have access to all the Gold Explorer stuff this weekend. It’s better to save up all your coins now so that you can buy all the Gold Explorer gear this weekend and enjoy it.


New Hats for Gold Explorers at Groomfur’s

November 13, 2009

If you’re a Gold Explorer on Dizzywood then go to Groomfur’s Fashion Store and take a look at the new hats for sale. You can buy Ear Muffs, a Ski Ball Hat, an Old School Ski Hat and an Ear Flap Hat.

Dizzywood Ear Muffs

The new hats are all over on the left side of the store.

Dizzywood T-Shirts

November 12, 2009

The Dizzywood Blog announced that you can buy Dizzywood t-shirts (real ones) at their store on Zazzle. The shirts look really cute. My favorite one is the Flutterbird shirt and some of the others are really nice too.

Dizzywood Flutterbird Shirt

Here is the Dizzywood Zazzle Store.

Jack O’Lantern Mission in Dizzywood

November 1, 2009

Dizzywood Jack O' Lantern mission

Hey everyone. There are some new Halloween missions in Dizzywood and you need to do them in order. The first one is called the Jack O’Lantern mission and to do it you have to find four pieces of a picture of a Jack O’Lantern that are hidden in Dizzywood. I found them very easily with help from the clues that you get when you read about the mission. This is where all four pieces are hidden:

Breakwater Beach

It’s hidden over by the towel next to the Beach Hut.

Pumpkin Picture Piece in Breakwater Beach

Crystal Catacombs

Look over on the right side, kind of near where you land when you drop down from the Jaguar Temple.

Pumpkin Picture Piece in Crystal Catacombs

Tanglevine Jungle

It’s over on the left side near the entrance where the salamander sprites are.

Pumpkin Picture Piece in Tanglevine Jungle

Garden Gazebo

It’s at the bottom on the left side near where the tea table sits.

Pumpkin Picture piece in Garden Gazebo

After I found all four of the pieces, the reward was 300 coins and a new mission called Trick or Treat.

Enter Ravenloft Manor Mission in Dizzywood

October 23, 2009

Yay! Ravenloft Manor in Dizzywood finally opened up for Halloween. There is a mission that Gold Explorers can do to get the skeleton key that lets them inside. If you’re lucky, you might even meet Bram Dracovich, the vampire who lives inside the manor. I met him on the Wobbly server even though it’s almost always full.

Enter Ravenloft Manor

If you’re a gold explorer, then you will see this new mission in your mission list near your backpack. Click on it to start. You have to find two pumpkins and two scarecrows and there are some clues. Here is where they are.

One pumpkin is in Breakwater Beach

Pumpkin on Breakwater Beach

The other pumpkin is in Wildwood Glen

Dizzywood pumpkin in Wildwood Glen

One scarecrow is along the Canal City Road

Dizzywood scarecrow in Canal City Road

The other scarecrow is in the Explorer’s Camp near Yagu the Jaguar Ghost who guards the Jaguar Temple.

Dizzywood scarecrow near Yagu

When you get all the pieces, you get the key and you can go inside Ravenloft Manor. The gates to the Manor are in Presto’s Edge.

Ravenloft Manor in Dizzywood on Halloween

Here is what it looks like inside. And I got to meet Bram!!


Halloween on Dizzywood

October 23, 2009

Halloween has arrived in Dizzywood today! All of Dizzywood is in dark shadowy colors just like last year. There are pumpkins and Halloween decorations everywhere with mist and flying bats.

Gold Explorers can do a special mission that gets you the skeleton key to go inside of Ravenloft Manor. That is the mansion that appeared a few weeks ago outside of Dizzywood.

Halloween in Dizzywood

This is what it looks like in Breakwater Beach.

Dizzywood Halloween Breakwater Beach

Dizzywood Skeleton Key

October 14, 2009

The Dizzywood Blog has a post where they have some sketches of the skeleton key and a poll to guess which key will open Bram Dracovich’s gate. If you haven’t been on Dizzywood in the past week, a giant mansion appeared a while ago in the middle of Presto’s Edge. When you click on it you get a message that it belongs to a vampire named Bram Dracovich and it is supposed to open really soon. This is probably for the big Halloween Party that Dizzywood has every year. Last year’s Halloween Party on Dizzywood was great and I hope this year it is just as much fun.


Butterfly (Brown Charm)

October 14, 2009

There is a new charm in Dizzywood called the Butterfly (Brown Charm). The charm chest for it is in Wildwood Glen near the back of the pond. It’s kind of near where you find the treehouse.

Brown Butterfly Charm in Dizzywood