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January 8, 2017

Wow, hi there. I just stumbled across this WordPress blog that I stopped writing for about 7 years ago!

As you can see, it was a blog all about Dizzywood, which is sadly no more.

I can’t believe I still had my old password for this WordPress blog! Well I guess if anyone is still reading this blog, time to move on! LOL. OK, really I might start writing again but of course about something different. I really don’t know.

Happy New Year, everyone!


Halloween is Over

November 2, 2008

It looks like Halloween has ended in Dizzywood. All of the Halloween decorations and spooky music ended tonight and everything returned to normal. There is at least one more change. The welcome screen you see on login is different. It looks like the new Presto’s Grove and the big Welcome to Dizzywood sign stays on the screen until you log in. There are also some fall leaves floating by.

New Dizzywood Starting Screen

Oh and all the Halloween missions are gone and so are the scarecrows who sold the halloween costumes. Hope you got everything you wanted!!

It’s raining in Dizzywood

August 2, 2008

It’s raining in Dizzywood and it has been going on for two days straight. This morning the Summer Wizard has arrived in Presto’s Edge and he needs help collecting some roots and things so that he can repair his broken staff and stop the rain in time for a big party on Sunday.

You can pick up the items he needs in Presto’s Edge and Farthing’s Meadow. When you bring them all back he gives you a magic box that can be opened at the party.

The magic box can only be opened at the party.

The magic box can only be opened at the party.

Ugh, Toxic Sludge!

July 27, 2008

Today’s daily activity is to clean up toxic sludge on Breakwater Beach. Plumpox has a machine on the beach that is making things a big mess. You need to play the tetris game and get 10 lines cleared to win the game. You get a lab coat as a reward for winning the game.

Yuck. The sludge is gross.

Yuck. The sludge is gross.

Broken Cannon

July 26, 2008

Professor Plumpox has placed a strange machine in front of the cannon that stops it from working so no one can get to Skytown now! Chanjo knows how to fix it but he needs you to find a widget that he lost somewhere. It is hidden near the game machine in Presto’s Edge so if you go there you will find it and he will fix his deactivator that gets rid of the machine that’s blocking the cannon. Chanjo also gives you a propellor hat as a reward. It looks funny!

UPDATE: There is a glitch. If you have a TV in your home or in a friend’s home you can use it to go to the TV Studio and then exit there by clicking on the teleporter to get to Sky Town. Thanks Agent for the tip!!!

Pollution in Dizzywood

July 25, 2008

OMG so the villain named Professor Plumpox has polluted the river in Dizzywood. The one in the jungle. He is such a jerk. You can clean up all of the pollution by playing the fishing game in the jungle by the river. It is the same game as the one at the beach. When you win it you get an item called Scrubbing Bubbles and then you use that to clean up the puddles of pollution from the river. Once you clean up all the pollution you get a special fish critter pet that will follow you around but stays in the water.

Skate Shop Opens in Dizzywood

July 18, 2008

There is a new clothing store in Dizzywood. It is up in Skytown Skate Park which you get to from the cannon in Presto’s Grove. The shop sells all of the skater close. I think these are the ones that you used to get from the kangaroo lady in Skytown because when I went to try and buy the clothes I already had some.

Skate Shop Exterior

Sunglasses in Dizzywood

July 17, 2008

There are sunglasses in Dizzywood!!! They are hiding behind the surfboard in Breakwater Beach. You need to use the ghost ray power to see them but then they are all yours. Also the daily event is to play a Word Race game with Secret Agent Bear. When you win he gives you recon goggles. They are like night vision goggles so you look like a spy.


Snails for Sophie

July 11, 2008

Today’s activity in Dizzywood is collecting snails for Sophie. she is the daughter of the cook in Explorer’s Camp. He is the guy who is standing by the big pot and campfire. She needs you to find 25 snails to eat for Presto’s Picnic. They are on the ground in the Garden Gazebo. After you find 25 of them on the ground you will get a bowl of snails. Ewwww! She is standing right next to the campfire too. She will give you a picnic basket as a prize.

Dizzywood Snail Salad


July 10, 2008

I want to become a pathfinder in Dizzywood so that I can wear the cool uniform.