About M

This is my Dizzywood Tips site. I play on Twirly unless it is full. Say hi!

3 Responses to “About M”

  1. sokeshia Says:

    Hey! do you have MSN Messenger?

  2. mkramer96 Says:

    No I don’t have MSN messenger. 😦

  3. dizzywoodnewbie Says:

    Hi! (waves happily) Call me Elle. although my DW name is Moonglade_Luminescence. I was searching wordpress for other DW help sites, and happened upon yours! I just wanted to say that you are doing areally good job so far, and to keep it up! your site has a great potential for the future. 🙂 My wordpress is http://www.dizzywoodnewbie.wordpress.com if you ever want to check it out. I would love it if you would! 😀

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