Snow, Winter Festival and Fox Thing in Dizzywood

It’s snowing in Dizzywood and the Winter Festival has begun! There is snow falling in most of the places in Dizzywood and it looks very quiet and pretty. Some of the places like Breakwater Beach don’t have snow but most of the outdoor places do.

The entrance to the Winter Festival in in Presto’s Edge. It is next to the clothing shop. You must be a Gold Explorer member to get into the Winter Festival in Farthing’s Pond. Click on the sign or the banner to go there.

Dizzywood Winter Festival Entrance

There’s a lot to do at the Festival. Some of it is the same as last year but there are some new things too. My favorite is the ice skates and the skating pond. If you don’t have the skates yet from last year, then click on the box that says free skates. You’ll get ice skates that let you skate when you walk on the pond.

Free ice skates in Farthing's Pond in Dizzywood

This year there’s a big blue present right when you enter. It has a lot of different Festival costumes for Gold Explorers to buy.

Festival Costumes in Dizzywood

You can do some of the special missions for the Winter Festival. They appear in your Missions list and they have a snowflake icon. I found two in mine and they are the same missions as last year.

Lend Presto a Hand
Winter Delivery Trouble

There’s also this new fox thing showing up in lots of places in Dizzywood. He’s kind of cute but he doesn’t have a name like all the other characters in Dizzywood. I saw him in three different places: Presto’s Grove, the Garden Gazebo, and Wildwood Glen. I don’t know if he’s anywhere else but if you see him please post in the comments!

Dizzywood fox in Presto's Grove

Dizzywood Fox in Garden Gazebo

Dizzywood Fox in Wildwood Glen

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2 Responses to “Snow, Winter Festival and Fox Thing in Dizzywood”

  1. pop129 Says:

    It`s actually a racoon. Foxes don`t have that big of a tail.

  2. Sigh123 Says:

    Cool i made a youtube video with the fox thing

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