Jack O’Lantern Mission in Dizzywood

Dizzywood Jack O' Lantern mission

Hey everyone. There are some new Halloween missions in Dizzywood and you need to do them in order. The first one is called the Jack O’Lantern mission and to do it you have to find four pieces of a picture of a Jack O’Lantern that are hidden in Dizzywood. I found them very easily with help from the clues that you get when you read about the mission. This is where all four pieces are hidden:

Breakwater Beach

It’s hidden over by the towel next to the Beach Hut.

Pumpkin Picture Piece in Breakwater Beach

Crystal Catacombs

Look over on the right side, kind of near where you land when you drop down from the Jaguar Temple.

Pumpkin Picture Piece in Crystal Catacombs

Tanglevine Jungle

It’s over on the left side near the entrance where the salamander sprites are.

Pumpkin Picture Piece in Tanglevine Jungle

Garden Gazebo

It’s at the bottom on the left side near where the tea table sits.

Pumpkin Picture piece in Garden Gazebo

After I found all four of the pieces, the reward was 300 coins and a new mission called Trick or Treat.

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