Enter Ravenloft Manor Mission in Dizzywood

Yay! Ravenloft Manor in Dizzywood finally opened up for Halloween. There is a mission that Gold Explorers can do to get the skeleton key that lets them inside. If you’re lucky, you might even meet Bram Dracovich, the vampire who lives inside the manor. I met him on the Wobbly server even though it’s almost always full.

Enter Ravenloft Manor

If you’re a gold explorer, then you will see this new mission in your mission list near your backpack. Click on it to start. You have to find two pumpkins and two scarecrows and there are some clues. Here is where they are.

One pumpkin is in Breakwater Beach

Pumpkin on Breakwater Beach

The other pumpkin is in Wildwood Glen

Dizzywood pumpkin in Wildwood Glen

One scarecrow is along the Canal City Road

Dizzywood scarecrow in Canal City Road

The other scarecrow is in the Explorer’s Camp near Yagu the Jaguar Ghost who guards the Jaguar Temple.

Dizzywood scarecrow near Yagu

When you get all the pieces, you get the key and you can go inside Ravenloft Manor. The gates to the Manor are in Presto’s Edge.

Ravenloft Manor in Dizzywood on Halloween

Here is what it looks like inside. And I got to meet Bram!!


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2 Responses to “Enter Ravenloft Manor Mission in Dizzywood”

  1. stitchy7 Says:

    kool first comment!! ok m. i just wanted to tell you that you inspired me to make my own blog for dizzywood.im not very popular but im going strong!kould yoo plz give me some help and check it out plz tell some friends do something!!i only have a total of 101 veiws and thats a great start right? i guess so. 😐 just plz check out my blog and maybe comment and give me some ideas of what to plz thank you

  2. hollburl Says:

    umm M , i am a nothing explorer but i still got the mission i completed it but it STILL wont lemme in im ganna cry I WANAN GET IN PLZZZZZZ MR DIZZYWOOD MAN PLZ LEMME IN ONEST IM GANNA CWY SOONER OR LATER

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