Dizzywood Skeleton Key

The Dizzywood Blog has a post where they have some sketches of the skeleton key and a poll to guess which key will open Bram Dracovich’s gate. If you haven’t been on Dizzywood in the past week, a giant mansion appeared a while ago in the middle of Presto’s Edge. When you click on it you get a message that it belongs to a vampire named Bram Dracovich and it is supposed to open really soon. This is probably for the big Halloween Party that Dizzywood has every year. Last year’s Halloween Party on Dizzywood was great and I hope this year it is just as much fun.


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One Response to “Dizzywood Skeleton Key”

  1. hollburl Says:

    COOL FIRST POST wupeeeeeee m i am ur biggest fann loil NO REALLY i am honest

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