Gate of Bram Dracovich

There is now a big gate in Presto’s Edge in Dizzywood. It is between the clothing store and the furniture store. When you click on it you can’t get through but you see a note that tells you it is the gate to Ravenloft Manor, the home of Bram Dracovich. This is probably a new character in Dizzywood for Halloween. It says you need to be a Gold Explorer to get in but even Golds can’t get inside yet.

Gate in Dizzywood

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3 Responses to “Gate of Bram Dracovich”

  1. Pegasus1997 Says:

    can u become gold without paying, like a special cheat? there always is one.

  2. sunshineheart1 Says:

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  3. angelwinks Says:

    yh ther is but its ileagle

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