Arabian Nights Fashion Week in Dizzywood

Starting this weekend there is a special event on Dizzywood called Fashion week and it has an Arabian Nights theme this year. You can go to the Fashion Tent in Presto’s Grove and you will see a runway and sometimes fashion shows going on. You can also buy Arabian Nights inspired outfits in Groomfur’s clothing store in Presto’s Edge and Canal City.

Wearing an Arabian turban in Dizzywood

There are things that non-members can get too, including hats. It looks like you can get one new hat every day if you keep visiting. The hats are in a crate outside the tent and to win you have to play a game of Flight. This game is normally pretty hard but there’s a pretty easy trick to win this one.

Where to play the game to win free hats

To win just fly over the shield each time and you become invulnerable for a few seconds. Then cross over the divider and the star will be on the other side each time. Get three stars and you are done and win the game and the special hat of the day.

Here I am with the Arabian striped dress that I bought at Groomfur’s shop in Presto’s Edge.

Arabian Striped Dress in Dizzywood

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    Hi m
    i luv your site
    is your screen name mkramer96 as well cuz mine is above
    i usually go on wobbly and whirly. thank you sooo much for the site it is rlly helpful

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