Sophie’s Slogan

Sophie's Slogan Mission in Dizzywood

The new mission in Dizzywood for Gold Explorers is called Sophie’s Slogan. In this mission you learn that Sophie is running for Student Body President at Canal City University. She needs help from you to come up with a good campaign slogan.

Mission details for Sophie's Slogan mission in Dizzywood

The mission tells you to look for her in Canal City in the Gilbert Square West section. She’s up in the back to the left. She looks really big now. I think it’s a glitch.

Big Giant Sophie

When you talk to Sophie she says that she left a stack of papers near Katherine de Claw, who is the Chief Poobah. Kat de Claw is in the Garden Gazebo so use your map to go there. The stack of papers is behind the tea table on the left side of the Gazebo room.

Sophie's papers in Garden Gazebo

Click on the papers and you then choose a slogan. Pick Sophie is for the Students! as the answer. You get a polka dot backpack as a prize.

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