Get a Paintbrush Gecko in Dizzywood

There’s a mission that came out a few weeks ago for Gold Explorers only called Grool’s Gecko. If you complete this mission you can get the new critter in Dizzywood, the Paintbrush Gecko. To do the mission, find the mission in your mission area. It has an icon with Grool Grubnibbler on it. Then go to the Noxious Swamp. The sign is in Tanglevine Jungle, on the far side of the river.

When you go inside, click on Grool Grubnibbler and he will challenge you to a game of blocks. When you win the game, you’ll get the Paintbrush Gecko critter as a pet.

Dizzywood Paintbrush Gecko critter

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3 Responses to “Get a Paintbrush Gecko in Dizzywood”

  1. petr4 Says:

    i non gold explorer but i got da mission yayz but my critter is undr gold lock

  2. RockstarPengy Says:

    how do you play blocks could you please help me

  3. tinkirbell Says:

    not a gold

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