Decode the Secret Message

Dizzywood Decode the Secret Message Mission

In this message for Spy Bear, you need to find a secret message and decode it. This is a very fun mission in Dizzywood that has a few more steps in it than most of the missions and takes a little longer to complete.

When you accept the mission you get a special decoder device that goes into the Loot section of your backpack.

Spy Bear's Decoder

First you have to follow the clue to find the Pathfinder Official. He is way over in Gilbert Square East in the bottom right corner of the area. Use your map to go to Canal City, which puts you in Gilbert Square West. Then get on your skateboard and go through the gates on the right to get to Canal City East. Then go to the bottom right and you will see the Pathfinder official. There will be a scroll on the ground near him. Click on it to pick it up and it will also go into the loot section of your backpack.

Spy Bear's Decoder Scroll in Dizzywood

When you have the scroll, click on it to see the secret coded message. You can also click on the decoder device in your backpack to learn which pictures represent which letters.

Secret Coded Spy message in Dizzywood

When you decode the full message it says:


Next go to Tanglevine Jungle and use your Ghost Ray power on the big tree to the right of the sign that is the entrance to the Noxious Swamp (Grool Grubnibbler’s lair). The Spy briefcase is hidden behind it. Click on the briefcase to finish the mission. You will get 300 coins and I think you get points towards your Spying badges too.


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8 Responses to “Decode the Secret Message”

  1. petr4 Says:

    thx m ur so helpful ur site rocks

  2. kandykute Says:

    thnx it worked

  3. CoolSpy432 Says:

    Thnx This realy Helped =D

  4. pop129 Says:

    You are the Best! Your like my hero lol! thnx Mkramer96.

  5. dizzywoodperson Says:

    this didn’t helped me! but thanks any way i give you a 100!
    thanks for putting in these cheats in for our web site dizzy wood

  6. dizzywoodperson Says:

    yes it did helped but tell me how to find the move scrolls

  7. Daisy2301 Says:

    i got 201 coins instead!

  8. Daisy2301 Says:

    thnkx i got it

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