Ice Cream Charm

There is a new charm in Dizzywood today called the Ice Cream charm. It is a little strawberry ice cream cone picture. The charm is hidden in the Icy Aerie, right next to Arcticus Frost. You need to have done the Find the Key to the Icy Aerie mission to have the key to get there. Use the key on the crystal keyhole in Presto’s Edge to go there.

Ice Cream charm chest

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6 Responses to “Ice Cream Charm”

  1. Jijsaw Says:

    thxs frostys site doesnt do dizzywood cheats anymore so thank you i will vist your site more from now on

  2. Jijsaw Says:

    oh yeah new charm out today

  3. crownprincess_kim김 Says:

    hi! how about the surprise charm?? can u please help me?? tnx.. 🙂

  4. kaitlyn Says:

    how do u get there

  5. Read2do from dizzywood who misses her friennd Jemo! Says:

    Easy, all you have to do is go in your missions and then you find the key to go in there (articus’s place)

  6. Bluedress (thats my dizzywood name. look 4 me) Says:

    Is being a gold explorer fun?

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