Dizzywood Charms

Introducing Charms in Dizzywood

There is a really fun new thing in Dizzywood now called charms. These are little decorations and pictures that you can collect and put next to your name or in your house as furniture. They show up next to your name on the left side as little pictures. There are six different charms that you can get right now and the Dizzywood blog says there will be more new charms each week. They have a calendar that shows what the new charms will be.

Dizzywood Charms next to name

The charms are hidden in charm chests all over Dizzywood. Five of the charms are for everyone and the sixth charm is only for gold explorers to find. But even though only Gold Explorers can find the last charm, anyone can have it next to their name. If you want the sixth charm (the monkey) then you just need to ask a Gold Explorer who has it to put the charm on you!

This is where you find all the different charms in Dizzywood right now.

The soccer ball charm is in the Explorer’s Camp near the clothing tent at the camp site.

Dizzywood Soccer ball charm

A lot of people asked me where I found the orange butterfly charm and it is pretty tricky to find. You have to have the Ghost Ray power first. Then go to Tanglevine Jungle and use the ghost ray power on the big tree near the entrance. The charm chest is hidden behind the tree!

Butterfly Charm in Dizzywood

You can get the Smiley face charm in Presto’s Edge near the entrance.

Dizzywood Smiley Charm

The blue gift charm is in Presto’s Grove right near where Presto is standing at the entrance.

Dizzywood Blue Gift Charm

The sunglasses charm is underwater in the Cerulean Reef. You must have the diving helmet to get in there.

Sunglasses Charm

Gold Explorers can accept the mission from Moonpebble and find the sixth charm chest, which has the monkey charm, in Skytown.

Dizzywood Monkey Charm Chest

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20 Responses to “Dizzywood Charms”

  1. Read2do Says:

    Thats cool!

  2. RockstarPengy Says:

    Srry i cant find them but thanks for helping

  3. RockstarPengy Says:

    oh and also yay first comment

  4. margau Says:

    thx for your help .

  5. margau Says:

    yay im the second to put a comet.

  6. nian0816 Says:

    but wheres the basketball,

  7. lulu105 Says:

    where is the basketball one??

  8. paty Says:


  9. Peyton Says:

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  10. Peyton Says:

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    I’m really gonna be on Wobbly or Snazzy so check both of those.I wanna be your BFF.
    Your New Friend, SnowDragon313

  11. vue916 Says:

    do we need to accept a mission or accept something cause i cant find it. and do we just find it or we have to find them in order.plz answer me.

  12. fairyprincess Says:


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  14. Dizigil Says:

    Emahgawd,.Lifesaver. im trying to beat my friend in a cowntest. btw I can nevr find u ownline

  15. anonymous Says:

    can’t find them. though, these are helpful!

  16. talwyn Says:

    i love dizzywood do u want to be my friend if u do ill be in wobbly…….probley and im gold meet me in tanglevine jungle or if u see my portle u can chek out my house!um…….maby at six oclock

  17. talwyn Says:

    hey again can u tell me how to start a blog i have no idea seriously

  18. georg1na Says:

    Do ny1 no where the beetle one is? It’s out today!

    Dizzy Name: Bloony

  19. goldy219 Says:

    got to my website htpp://dizzywoodtrick.webs.com and be a member of my website and add coments of what should i add to make my wbsite better thanks

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