Free Items from Sandbar Palooza

Admiral Hawksbill at Sandbar Palooza

Here are the free items you can win by playing the games on Dizzywood at the Sandbar Palooza. You get these by playing games with Admiral Hawksbill.

Blue Beach Chair

You win this one by playing Blocks.

Beach Chair in Dizzywood

Blue Whale Towel

You can get the Blue Whale Towel when you defeat Octavius in Force Field.

Blue Whale Towel

Blue Raspberry Beach Drink

You win this when you play the treasure themed Combo Drop game.

Blue Raspberry Beach Drink

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3 Responses to “Free Items from Sandbar Palooza”

  1. naturefun Says:

    k yur blog is awesome! thankx for the charm guides!

  2. PePsI (Pepsimax101) Says:

    it ish awesome!!! XD

  3. maria5552 Says:

    HOW DO U GET THERE>!?!?!?!?!?!??!

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