Swimsuits in Dizzywood

You can now buy swimsuits in Dizzywood! The swimsuits just appeared in the Beach Hut store on Breakwater Beach along with a lot of other stuff. The only problem is that the swimsuits are really expensive. I guess I need to go earn some more coins. But I bought the striped swimsuit and it looks great.

Dizzywood Swimsuits

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3 Responses to “Swimsuits in Dizzywood”

  1. The Best Pet Says:

    did you locate the third Summer Flower…. the hibiscus in the sand? I cna’t find it anywhere. I have the others…. the one on Canel Road, the One in the pond and the one by flowers. I just can’t find the last one.

  2. PePsI (Pepsimax101) Says:

    ishnt it only for gold members??? D.

  3. PePsI (Pepsimax101) Says:

    IT ISH D; tht shuks

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