Sandpar Palooza Beach Party on Dizzywood

The Beach Party on Dizzywood just started and there are a lot of people there! The main area is called the Sandbar and you can get some free stuff there by clicking on Admiral Hawksbill. You can play a few games with him and if you win them you get free things like furniture and stuff.

Gold and Silver explorers can get into the Members only area by walking to the right where there is a big shipwreck on the beach. Inside is a dance floor that is underwater and there is party music playing. You can also get two new hats there. One is a macaw hat that looks like a pirate hat with a bird on it. The other is an Octopus that sits on your head. Kind of gross.

Dizzywood Beach Party

Here is where you click to go to the special underwater Dance party if you are a Gold or Silver Explorer member on Dizzywood.

Dance Party entrance on Dizzywood

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  1. layla Says:

    YAY ! im the the first one to post !

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