Arcticus’ Books

Arcticus' Books Mission

Here is a new mission on Dizzywood. Archimedes the word wizard borrowed a science book from Arcticus Frost, the winter wizard and he needs some help to find and return it. The book was left in Tanglevine Jungle.

Go to Tanglevine Jungle and use your levitation power to go across the river and you will find the book on the little island with the broken pillars on it. When you click on the book you will need to answer three questions correctly. The answers are below.

Arcticus Book in Tanglevine Jungle

Answers to Questions

  1. Native Vegitation
  2. Marine Life
  3. The Layers of the Earth’s Crust

When you find the book take it back to Arcticus Frost in the Icy Aerie. You need to use the key to the Icy Aerie on the crystal keyhole in Presto’s Edge to get there. If you don’t have the key yet, you need to do the mission to get it. When you arrive in the Icy Aerie click on Arcticus Frost to complete the mission and get the reward of 300 coins.

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3 Responses to “Arcticus’ Books”

  1. alicia Says:

    thanxs that was a big help

  2. treet-D Says:

    thanks but i have already done the mission by looking at another cheats! 😛

  3. olmc Says:

    thxs i really need that great job maybe we might meet up on dizzywood

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