Mythical Crystals, Part 7

Dizzywood Mythical Crystals Part 7

It’s the final Mythical Crystals mission! This is a Gold Explorer only mission and it’s a little harder than most.

In this mission, you’re looking for the Moon Crystal. Emperor Withering and Moonpebble were fighting over it and the crystal disappeared. Moonpebble thinks it broke into different balls of elixir in the Crystal Catacombs and you need to go find them to recreate it.

The pieces are in a piece of machinery in the Crystal Catacombs. It’s the one right in front of CP Burrows. When you click on it, you play a game of Bounce and need to get 35 pieces across to win.

Drilling Machine in Crystal Catacombs

When you win you get the Moon Crystal but the mission isn’t over. You need to bring it to Professor Nocturne who is in his observatory in Skytown.

Dizzywood Skypoint Sign

When you get inside, click on Professor Nocturne and he tells you he will take the Moon Crystal to Moonpebble but he wants to play a game of Force Field first. This game is really hard because it moves kind of fast and there are multiple balls. But he is kind of easy to beat and when you get five points you win.


When you beat him, the mission is complete. You get 1,000 coins! And you also get a piece of furniture for your house called a Mythical Crystals stand.

Dizzywood Mythical Crystals Stand

I also became a yellow level crystal courier for completing the mission!

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3 Responses to “Mythical Crystals, Part 7”

  1. Jijsaw Says:

    wow 1,000 coins i wish i was a member oh well

  2. Stewert123 Says:

    beating him was super hard for me.

  3. Stewert123 Says:

    but this was very helpful

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