Color War is Here

OMG Color War is here and it’s really fun. There are four teams, blue (the best), red, yellow and green. Everyone competes for their team to get points. You can see how many points your team has on the scoreboard which you can get on the bulletin board in the middle of Farthing’s Meadow.

There are a lot of games and activities you can do that get points for your team. You can see the list on the bulletin board in Farthing’s Meadow. The things you can do to earn points are:

  • Game Machine games
  • Archaeology Dig in Explorers’ Camp
  • Rock Maze
  • Fishing
  • Monster Battling
  • Gardening
  • Onakasi Treasure Room

Here’s the scoreboard right now. It updates all the time. Look who is winning! Go Blue!

Dizzywood Color War Scoreboard

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4 Responses to “Color War is Here”

  1. pop129 Says:

    go on wobbly! and go in our clubhouse! PLLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! I`M DYING TO MEET YOU!

  2. Greemday26 Says:

    Ya mee too! THIS BLOG IS SO AWESOME!!!! ♥ try mine please

  3. ❤❤CrazyMay❤❤ Says:

    Hiya. I have a question. How do you take snapshots?

    • pop129 Says:

      if u have the camera crazymay u can take pictures and then download them on ur post. and thanks green

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