Mythical Crystals Part 6

Mythical Crystals Part 6

Wow we are almost to the end of the seven mythical crystals missions. This one is pretty hard to do. This mission is for Gold Explorers only and you need to go deep into the Elder Vein mines to find the Energy Crystal.

You have to go all the way to the last mine, which is called Omega Beet. The crystal is on a little island in the pond on the right side of the room. Click on it and you will complete the mission and get 300 coins.

Energy Crystal

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3 Responses to “Mythical Crystals Part 6”

  1. iconicbow Says:


  2. Ashyness Says:

    lol thx i needed this

  3. Countolly Says:

    Uhh… I wish I could do this one but, I can’t get into the mines. I can’t even get through the 2nd mine.

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