New Player Cards in Dizzywood

Dizzywood just added new player cards. They kind of are like on Club Penguin when you click on someone to see more information about them. On Dizzywood though you see a lot more stuff! It shows a portrait of the person and lists all the badges they have won and some special medals for doing different things in Dizzywood. The badges are for Crystal, Exploring, Gardening, Monster, Sprite and Spying. The new medals are for a lot of different things. If you move your mouse over them you will see more.

Here is a picture of someone’s player card. It’s not mine, just another gold explorer I saw in Explorer’s Camp.

Dizzywood Player Card

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3 Responses to “New Player Cards in Dizzywood”

  1. HersheyGirl13 Says:

    You have a nice webiste. ^.^ I know that person ^^ But I barly talk to her anymore and she ignores me SO not such a good friendship there ;P

    Hehe I’m on dizzywood too WHAT WHAT ehehehe hyper O.O As you can prob see my account on here is the same as my dizzywood name. O.O

  2. MorningSunlight Says:

    Behappyitsme is part of a gang. she ignores ppl becuase they are busy chattin :/ here are some ppl i know:01Wise4Life Diamond_26 thunderelement 01Akx4Life

  3. MorningSunlight Says:

    how dou make websites

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