Save Longullet

Save Longullet Dizzywood Mission

This mission is for Gold Explorers only and you need to have completed the Detect the Doppleganger mission where you find out that Mayor Longullet has been replaced by a robot clone. It’s part of one of Emperor Withering’s plots.

It turns out that Mayor Longullet has been kidnapped by Professor Plumpox and you need to go rescue him. The entrance to Plumpox’s lair is in Skytown so charge up the cannon in Presto’s Edge and go there. It’s all the way to the left. Click on the sign to go inside and Longullet will be there. Click on Longullet to rescue him and complete the mission. You get 300 coins as a reward and the mayor has been saved!

Mayor Longullet is saved

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2 Responses to “Save Longullet”

  1. Mittengirl3 and kmisenhour Says:

    k Well Its kmi and mitt here again….off your other blog called uhhhhh called umm…..Sticky Ichor well anywayz…This was a hard misson cause i thought i had to go to Withering Lair but i had to go to Prof.Plupox πŸ™‚
    Cya Around M.!

    Kmi and Mitten

    Reply Please.

  2. Mittengirl3 and kmisenhour Says:

    Hey I gotta go This is Mi Last Message Rite now Cya Around btw Thankx for the instutions πŸ™‚

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