Consult the Spring Wizard


This is a very easy mission that you get after you do the Consult the Fall Wizard mission. You need to do this one before you can do the Appease the Winter Wizard mission.

Accept this mission and then go visit Timothy Hay in Presto’s Edge. He is sitting on the rocks near the giant crystal keyhole. Click on him and then you will play a game of Bounce where you have to get 10 frogs safely across. After you win, the Spring Wizard appears right next to Timothy. Click on the wizard to hear his story and the mission is complete. You will get 300 coins and can do the next mission!

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2 Responses to “Consult the Spring Wizard”

  1. chiphoitran Says:

    SUPER EASY! YOU ROCK! I guess this mission wasn’t hard after all.

  2. JustMusic Says:

    how do u do the fall wizard one?

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