Appease the Winter Wizard

Appease the Winter Wizard in Dizzywood

This is the last mission in a long group of missions about how the weather wizards have had an argument and you need to help them solve it. In this mission, you need to help rebuild the snowbear statue that the Summer Wizard stole and melted and then return it to the Winter Wizard.

Accept the mission and then go to Breakwater Beach. Walk past the beach hut and you will see a puddle of snow. That’s the poor little melted snowbear! Move your cursor really fast over him and he will start to build back up. When it’s done you will get Arcticus’ Snowbear. Now you have to bring it to him in the Icy Aerie.

Snowbear Puddle on Breakwater Beach

Go to Presto’s Edge and use the crystal key to the icy aerie on the big crystal keyhole floating in the circle of rocks. If you don’t have the key yet you have to do the mission for it first.

Crystal Keyhole

When you arrive in the Icy Aerie, click on Arcticus and the mission will be complete. You get 300 coins.

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