Stop the Pollution

Stop the Pollution

That evil Emperor Withering is causing more problems again in Dizzywood. He has been dumping garbage from his floating zeppelin onto Gull Island. In this mission, you have to help clean up the mess.

The first thing you need to do is to go to visit the Frog Sprite in Tanglevine Jungle. He is over on the river. Click on him and you’ll play a game of fishing. When you get 400 points, he will give you some Eco-bubbles, which you can use to clean up the pollution in Gull Island.

OK normally the sign to Gull Island is right near the frog sprite but for some reason when you do this mission the sign is in the Explorer’s Camp over near Kan the Geomancer! Go there and click on the sign to go to Gull Island.

When you get to Gull Island it is covered in pollution. Click on each of the dark brown things to get rid of them. There are four and when you click them all the mission is over and you get 300 coins. I think you can do this mission once per day and it would be a good one to combine with Dig for Dubloons because that gives you 250 coins so you would get 550 coins really fast by doing them both!

Gull Island Pollution

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5 Responses to “Stop the Pollution”

  1. Sienna Says:

    Hey, it aint behind Kan anymore dahlin

    Its on the left side of Melinda Swingtail people!

  2. JustMusic Says:

    i can’t find gull island!!

  3. mp333 Says:

    thanks for all of the great tips and you might not know me but you may know sw33tstuff or 333floro or PrInCeSsDaNnI

  4. joasbrosrule Says:

    Hey its joas
    Where is it again? jk ;D

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