Mythical Crystals, Part 2

Mythical Crystals Part 2

This is the second mission in a series of missions for Gold Explorers only where Emperor Withering has stolen seven crystals and you need to recover all of them. You need to complete part 1 of this mission before you can do part 2.

The second crystal is the Sky Crystal and Withering stole it but it fell out of his zeppelin into Skytown. Then it bounced and fell down into Presto’s Edge. You need to use your Ghost Ray power to locate it.

The crystal is hidden behind the pile of wood behind the mystery wagon and next to the sign to Wildwood Glen.

Sky Crystal behind pile of wood

Next you have to take the crystal to the Cloud Sprite in Skytown and he will take care of it. When you bring it to him the mission is complete and you get 300 coins. I also got my orange badge for Crystal Courier missions.

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