Earth Day on Dizzywood

Earth Day is tomorrow, April 22, 2009 and Dizzywood is celebrating in Gilbert Square East. That is part of Canal City. They want everyone to dress up in green and help decorate the square with lots of plants.

There will also be a new surprise visitor to Dizzywood. Her name is Terra Greene.

Here are some of my posts about the gardening missions which you will want to do to get all the plants to help decorate.

Seed Scavenger – Rumpus

Raise a Joynap

Seed Scavenger – Jangleberry

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3 Responses to “Earth Day on Dizzywood”

  1. Greenday26 Says:

    Hello! I like your blog! Go on mine please?
    dont forget to commet
    Speaking of comments i noticed that you arent getting comments! I aint getting comments eiter! Do you know why? Becuase of silcver and gold membership,people are quitting dizzywood becase of all the cheep things happening! Me and my friends are working on that! We are sending as much letters to Dizzywood as we can to go against it! Send a letter to them( and tell them how much you feel! Try to add lies to convince them! Sorry this is such a long comment but i want you to help! DO YOU WANT DIZZYWOOD TO BE BACK TO NORMAIL AGAIN? DO YOU? WE ALL DO! sO HELP US!

  2. Greenday26 Says:


  3. pop129 Says:

    you are good! i`m just new at and your the best! oh and i like your style!

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