Catch a Bogie

Catch a Bogie in Dizzywood

Catch a Bogie is a new mission for Gold Explorer members in Dizzywood. You can unlock this mission when you complete the Broken Bogie mission. In this mission, you have to chase a Rock Bogie around Dizzywood.

The first stop is Breakwater Beach, where you need to find the orange bogie ball. It is just to the left of the entrance.

Orange Bogie Ball in Breakwater Beach

When you click on it you only have 45 seconds to find the Rock Bogie in Tanglevine Jungle so you have to move really fast. Use your map of Dizzywood to go to Tanglevine Jungle and then get on your skateboard and go all the way to the right to where the ruined temple is. The Rock Bogie is standing right there. Click on him quickly to complete the mission and get 300 coins as a reward.

Rock Bogie hiding in Tanglevine Jungle

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