Einar’s Egg Hunt


Einar, Edward and Elof are back in Dizzywood for the Easter Egg Hunt. This year all three of them have different missions for you to do. The first one is with Einar and you have to find where he has hidden his eggs. His eggs are hidden in:

  • Tanglevine Jungle
  • Garden Gazebo
  • Canal City Road
  • Crystal Catacombs
  • Explorer’s Camp

The eggs are in different places for everyone but they are always in those places.

Einar's Egg Hunt - Garden Gazebo

Einar's Egg Hunt - Tanglevine Jungle

Einar's Egg Hunt - Explorer's Camp

Einar's Egg Hunt - Crystal Catacombs

Einar's Egg Hunt - Canal City Road

When you finish the mission you get a blue leaves egg!

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4 Responses to “Einar’s Egg Hunt”

  1. seagirl9099 Says:

    you can do this mission over and over =D

  2. annamh Says:

    um cool

  3. hollburl Says:

    is this only on easter then??
    and i think there is no such thing as einar any morwe i cant seem to find him anywhere..

  4. iconicbow Says:

    Wow i havent been on dw in forever!!!! i actually quit dw because it got kinda boring i go on ourworld now.

    Username: x Victoria x

    Add mehh

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