Dizzywood April Fool’s and Rock Bogies

It is April Fool’s Day on Dizzywood and things are kind of crazy there. The rock bogies have taken over and are busy playing some tricks. You see the very first one when you login. There are rock bogies on the opening screen and “Welcome to Dizzywood” is upside down!

Dizzywood April Fools with Rock Bogies

After you login you will see this message about what the silly rock bogies are up to.

April Fools on Dizzywood

There is one rock bogie in Canal City near the bridge on the Gilbert Square West side. He is holding a green paintbrush and paint bucket. When you click on him he talking about sliming people.

Rock Bogie in Gilbert Square on Dizzywood

If you get too close you get slimed! You can wash it off by going into the deep water in Breakwater Beach or in Tanglevine Jungle. It’s just like the purple goo you get from the plants on the Canal City Road.

M is slimed. Ewww.

There is another rock bogie in Breakwater Beach and if you click on him you will play a game of Word Race. If you win the game, you get a trick towel that you can put on the ground. When someone walks over the towel they flip in the air.

Trick Towel in Dizzywood

There’s another slime bogie in Presto’s Edge standing next to the bulletin board.

UPDATE: There is also a second rock bogie in Gilbert Square West up by the music store. He plays you in a game of force field and if you win you get a backwards hat. When you put it on you move backwards!

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5 Responses to “Dizzywood April Fool’s and Rock Bogies”

  1. Cherry Says:

    Nice post ❗

  2. alli Says:


  3. bosey23 Says:

    wow great:)

  4. Mzd11211 Says:

    hey you can just go to the water in canal city to wash it off(slime)

  5. hollburl Says:

    M plzzz post more i am ur biggest fan lol NO REALY plzzzzzzzzzz

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