Bee Antidote Dizzywood Mission

Dizzywood Mission - Bee Antidote

There is a new mission this weekend on Dizzywood called Bee Antidote. It is a continuation of some of the older missions for Spy Bear. In this mission, you need to go to the Gnarl (where the evil Rat Wraith lives) and get the antidote for the poison that is hurting the bees. Then you have to deliver it to them to cure them of the poison.

First accept the mission and you will get the whole story.

Bee Antidote Mission Story

Then go to Wildwood Glen and walk all the way to the bottom right. That is where there is a sign to the Gnarl. Click on it to go inside.

Going into the Gnarl

You will see Rat Wraith hovering over a well. Click on the well (not on Rat Wraith) and you will play a game of bounce where you have to get 1,000 points. When you win the game you will get the antidote.
The well inside the Gnarl

Then go to the Explorer’s Camp and click on the bees to deliver the antidote to them. That will cure them of the poison and you will complete the mission. You get 200 coins. I also got my yellow level badge in Spying missions!

Yellow Level Spy

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13 Responses to “Bee Antidote Dizzywood Mission”

  1. MagicStarry Says:

    Thanks a lot! First comment!

  2. greyash54 Says:


  3. Joy Says:

    where are the bees in the explorers camp?

  4. Joy Says:

    never mind

  5. khadeeja Says:

    its not fair i cant play the game cuz the broom is like shaking and i cant play that means i cant get the yellow badge 😦

  6. hipgirl265 Says:

    Man m i can always count on u! 🙂

  7. Ilial21 Says:


  8. twinkie_monkey Says:

    thx sooooooo much!!!!!!! i have been trying to do that 4ever!!!

  9. fashiongirlz101 Says:

    i did not get a badge

  10. 00peace00 Says:

    wut server do u go on?

  11. Beautiful99 Says:

    i cant find the bees

  12. Daisy2301 Says:

    where are the bees in wildwood glen?

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