New Hairstyles in Dizzywood

When Dizzywood launched Canal City this weekend they also released some new hairstyles. There are 5 new hairstyles for girls. I haven’t looked to see if there are new hairstyles for boys. You need to be a silver or gold explorer member to use the new hairstyles.

This is what the new hairstyles look like.

Dizzywood new hairstyle 1

Dizzywood new hairstyle 2

Dizzywood new hairstyle 3

Dizzywood new hairstyle 4

Dizzywood new hairstyle 5

I like the new hairstyles and I might try some of them out for a while!

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4 Responses to “New Hairstyles in Dizzywood”

  1. myki123 Says:

    plz check owt! i am hoping for a couple people to look at it

  2. pokegirl098 Says:

    I am not a silver or gold member but i still got the hair all you have to do is put on that look that you want then press save look then you got the look!!!!!!!!! Its awesome thanks for your website Mkramer96 try and be my buddy on dizzywood please and if you can that would be great and remember anyone who wants to meet the pokegirl098 (me) then I will be on the server Giggly so see you later!!!!!!!!!


  3. kka2297 Says:

    THere’s only one new boy hair style. O.o

  4. hollburl Says:

    m wat r uu called on dw??

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