Be a Guide Mission

Be a Guide in Dizzywood

There is a new mission in Dizzywood called Be a Guide and it is only for Pathfinders. If you get this mission and finish it you will get the new Guide power that lets you give tours in Dizzywood.

To do the mission you need to find three pages from Montana Jack’s journal. When you find them you will get a guide book and you then bring it to the pathfinder official in Canal City and he gives you the new power.

The three pages are in the Elder Vein Mines, Mage Barrow and Skytown Skate Park. When you find all three you get the book. Then just go to Gilbert Square East in Canal City and click on the Pathfinder official. He is standing in the bottom corner near the big statue thing.

Here are the three pages.

Journal Page in Elder Vein Mines

Journal Page in Mage Barrow

Journal Page in Skytown Skate Park

Here is the pathfinder official in Canal City.

Pathfinder official in Gilbert Square East in Canal City

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11 Responses to “Be a Guide Mission”

  1. ash732 Says:


  2. Sweet_pea7351 Says:

    Awesome…but when I went to the Elder Vein Mines…it’s not in the spot where you had it.

  3. sunny606 Says:

    that mission is tricky when your not a silver or gold and im not any of them so it was hard i waited for ages for the mining helmet to come up and then today it did i was like yeah oh yeah uh huh seeya

  4. Darthmaul8521 Says:

    i cant find the one in the mines its not there

  5. piggy4prinsess Says:


  6. pierocks321 Says:

    It wont show up maybe i have to log out and back in because i just became a pathfinder a minute ago. ill try that.

  7. pierocks321 Says:

    oh that worked. nevermind.

  8. hollburl Says:

    i did that mission using uu m!! thxx i luv ya ( not literallylol)

  9. Pompie479 on Clubpenguin Says:

    if you had the problem (like me) that it wasn’t in delta carrot mine, i think they changed it to crystal catacombs because some people didn’t have the helmet to get in the mine……so its on the left of crystal catacombs

  10. prissy...987 Says:

    see i had one in a diffrent mine not delta carrot and it took 4ever to find it

  11. Sozo1 Says:

    I can’t find the Official Pathfinder…

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