Star Chart Routes

Star Chart Routes

There is a new mission for Gold Explorers only called Star Chart Routes. It is an easy mission to do where all you need to do is go to find Professor Nocturne and get a star chart from him that you deliver to the Airship Clerk in the new Canal City area.

After you accept the mission, go to Presto’s Edge and use your zap power to charge the cannon and go to Skytown Skate Park. Right near the entrance you will see the sign to the observatory. Click on it to go inside.

Entrance to observatory

Now click on Professor Nocturne and he will give you the star chart.

Professor Nocturne

Then take the Star Chart to Gilbert Square West in Canal City. Walk to the back and go up the ramp until you see the Airship Clerk. Click on the clerk to complete the mission and deliver the star chart. You will get a reward and you’re done!

Airship Clerk in Dizzywood

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