Canal City is Here

Canal City is now open for Silver and Gold Explorers in Dizzywood! There are two parts to Canal City and they are called Gilbert Square West and Gilbert Square East.

Gilbert Square West

The main attractions in Gilbert Square West are the cafe and the airship station. You can buy food at the cafe and meet the owner Mrs. Whiskercheeks. There is also an airship station on the top of the ramp. Go up there and wait with other people for an airship to take you away. You go to a really weird place called the Endless Wild. You can find new kinds of creatures there called Morphers.

Here is Mayor Longullet.

Mayor Longullet in Canal City

Here is the outdoor cafe where you can buy food.

Dizzywood Canal City Cafe

This is the airship station.

Dizzywood Airship Station

Gilbert Square East

The biggest parts of Gilbert Square East are the outdoor stage and some of the stores. There is a new clothing store called Groomfur’s and there is a place called the Playtorium where you can play all the different games in Dizzywood like Combo Drop and Blocks. There is also a really big statue with a guy outside it who says he works for the Pathfinders.

Here is the big statue in the bottom-right corner of Gilbert Square East.


Here is the outside of Groomfur’s.

Outside of Groomfurs

Here is the big outdoor stage. There are benches that make it look like you’re sitting down and watching a play.

Dizzywood Outdoor Stage

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2 Responses to “Canal City is Here”

  1. bouncyboy Says:

    How do you get there my friends arent members and they get there

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