Dizzywood Coin Cheats – Rock Maze

Rock Maze Coin Cheat in Dizzywood

Update: Oh well, they already fixed this cheat and it doesn’t work now. It was good while it lasted. I think I shouldn’t have posted about it!

This is a great coin cheat in Dizzywood where you can get unlimited coins. I thought about not posting this for a while because as soon as someone from the Dizzywood staff reads about it they’re probably going to fix it! OK so here is how you can get unlimited coins in Dizzywood. Hurry before they fix it!

Go to the Rock Maze. You get there from Tanglevine Jungle by finding the sign to the rock maze. Here is where it is.

Rock Maze Entrance in Tanglevine Jungle

Now go inside the rock maze and keep going until you see a big statue of a dog head. This is the statue you need to find when you are looking for the green crystal. But if you already have the green crystal then it gives you 50 coins. And it keeps giving you 50 coins every time you click on it. So you can click on it 100 times and get 5,000 coins! You can just keep clicking and clicking to get as many coins as you want.

This is what the dog statue looks like.

Rock Maze Dog Statue in Dizzywood

Click on it to get 50 coins!

50 coins

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2 Responses to “Dizzywood Coin Cheats – Rock Maze”

  1. baby skull Says:

    uum any new cheats

  2. hollburl Says:

    M i am your biggest fan!! u r the first one to help me on dw!!!!! plzzz post more.. o and how do u get to fartyhings meadow?? we could meet up on dw coudlnt wee.. i always go on wobbly if its full i go on snazzy if THATS full i go on the one underneath and so on… my dw person is called hollburl i have long purple pigtails and a purple devils dress plus tights plzzzzzzz meet up wiv mee sum time and do reply thxxxxx hollburl

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