Delivery to the Gatekeeper

Delivery to the Gatekeeper mission

There is a new Gold Explorer mission on Dizzywood called Delivery to the Gatekeeper. Pierre Le Snout needs you to deliver some food to the gatekeeper on the Canal City Road. First go to the Explorer’s Camp and get the food which is right near Pierre.

Gatekeeper Supplies

Now go to Canal City Road. BTW it is raining there now and Grool Grubnibbler is there! Zap any of the monsters that get in your way and follow the road all the way to where the Gatekeeper is near the castle doors. Click on him to deliver the food and complete the mission. You get 300 coins!

Gatekeeper in Canal City Road

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7 Responses to “Delivery to the Gatekeeper”

  1. thechosenone543 Says:

    I try to give the gatekeeper his supplies but when I click on him nothing happens. I need help!

  2. vinathi Says:


  3. dragoon8000(gold explorer) Says:

    i just cliked on him an it wasnt rainin then it was finished weird

  4. cool_awesome_dude7 Says:

    uhh maybe because u didn’t get the mission right or something?

  5. saphire5656 Says:

    im not a gold and that sux its not fair and everyone shold be the same

  6. blah Says:

    of course you have this mission you have ALL the missions!! gosh!!

  7. divastyle9 Says:

    i lv being gold

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