Get Inside the Castle on Dizzywood

Here is a fun glitch that is one of the best Dizzywood cheats in a while. A the end of the road to Canal City there is a castle wall with a big door and a guard standing outside of it. Well there is a glitch where you can walk right through the door! It is very easy and all you have to do is walk up to the door and then click somewhere on the other side to walk right through.

Walk through the castle door

Once you are on the other side it is very empty but at least you can get inside the castle. I wonder when they will open up the castle and put things in here. It would be cool to have a castle in Dizzywood!

Inside the Castle in Dizzywood

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2 Responses to “Get Inside the Castle on Dizzywood”

  1. fairy185 Says:

    that is so cool!!!!!! i got to try it!

  2. PKSonic Says:

    there’s not that much there.

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