Ruin the Roots

The Road to Canal City is now open in Dizzywood and there are some new missions to do and a new place to explore. Go to Presto’s Edge and walk down past the crystal keyhole to find the sign to Canal City. Now when you click on it you go to the road!

Canal City Road Sign

The road is kind of spooky and there is purple mist everywhere. There are a lot of toxic plants around and the first mission is to get rid of the blue ones in the middle of the road. You get rid of them by clicking on them and beating them in a game of Force Field. When you beat all five you complete the mission and you get 300 coins.

Blue Toxic plants on Canal City road

If you have at least a yellow badge in Gardening then you win a toxic plant of your very own that you can put on the ground anywhere you like just like potted plants. If you don’t have a yellow badge yet you can earn it by doing more of the missions in Garden Gazebo for Katherine de Claw and then you can come back and play the Force Field game against some of the other plants in the new road area. They are the big ones at the top and bottom.

Don’t get too close to any of the toxic plants or you will turn purple like I did. If you turn purple and want to get rid of it you need to wash it off in deep water like Breakwater Beach or the river in Tanglevine Jungle.

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