Valentine’s Day in Dizzywood


It is Valentine’s Day in Dizzywood. There are red hearts flying through the air just like they did last year. There is also a pole in Tanglevine Jungle with a heart and cupid arrow on it. If you click that you will get a tulip friendship emote.

Valentine's Day Post in Tanglevine Jungle

There is another post in Garden Gazebo that gives you a friendship flower rose.


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8 Responses to “Valentine’s Day in Dizzywood”

  1. sarah Says:

    hey if u c me ever my user is S2theB! ;D

  2. Sarah Says:

    There is a T-Shirt stand thing in the crystal catacombs

  3. ANNA Says:


  4. zara mioey abbs ea\sgvfdjgb djdJ lilmancoolio Says:

    thanks but where is the friendship rose thingy

  5. Lillian Says:

    Hey My name is Kayllen in D.W and I was wondering if there is like a secret place only for members to go to? because I just got silver And I thought it would be just like when it was winter and we get to go to Farthings Pond! So if you know..U can email…

  6. Nichole Says:

    hey sarah i know u im prettygal55

  7. AJ Says:

    There is also one in canal city road but you have to be a gold explorer. The charm is a winged heart! You go to the end of canal city road then do ghost ray on the last tree, then click on the pole with a heart on it!

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