New Clothing Store in Dizzywood

New Clothing Store in Dizzywood

This is cool. The clothing store in Dizzywood (the one in Presto’s Edge) changed to a real store that you can walk around in. I think they made the change yesterday. Now when you click on the store you go inside to another room which has lots of clothes. There are a lot more clothes than they had before but some of the clothes have been around a while. I already had most of them.

If you click on the clothing item then you will get to wear it for a few seconds which is really cool because you get to see what you will look like in it before you have to buy it. Then click on the Buy button to but it with your coins. The price is on the big floating tag on each item. It’s kind of like how the furniture store works but with the bonus of trying things on.

It looks like clothing for girls is on the left and clothing for boys is on the right.

There is also a special door for Gold Explorers only where you get the menu of the Gold Explorer clothing items. The door is in the bottom left corner of the store.

Door for Gold Explorers only

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