New Gold Explorer Clothes

There are some new Gold Explorer clothes in Dizzywood this week. There wasn’t an announcement like last time but the new clothes showed up in the store. The new items are the Puffy Taxi Hat and the Shirt with Toolbelt. They don’t really match but here is a picture of me wearing both of them.

Puffy Taxi Hat and Shirt with Toolbelt in Dizzywood

The shirt with toolbelt will look good for the construction work happening for Canal City! You can go to Presto’s Edge and see that there are lots of construction things going on there.

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6 Responses to “New Gold Explorer Clothes”

  1. TwilightRox Says:

    I wish I was Gold

  2. PKSonic Says:


  3. BREEDEE.On.Ze.DizzyWood =} Says:

    you can get them for free >:] all u need is the add a look cam

  4. akv123 Says:

    i wish i was a gold or silver member

  5. Skater_Girl_Ji_Ji Says:

    I KNOW HOW NON MEMBERS CAN GET MEMBER HAIRSTYLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Step 1:Click The “Change Your Look” Button
    Step 2: Select (Put On) The Member Hairstyle that you want.
    Step 3: Click The “Change Your Look” Button again.
    Step 4:Click exit or Done if it appears sometimes it doesn’t.

  6. 5289girl Says:

    wat she said hey ji ji

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