Galvanize the Repellent

Galvanize the Repellent

There is a new mission this weekend on Dizzywood called Galvanize the Repellent. It is continued from the Monstrous Rumor mission from last week. In this mission, you have to find the ingredients to activate the repellent you collected in that mission.

First go visit Pierre Le Snout in the Explorer’s Camp. He will tell you to go find some bottles that have washed up on the shore so then go to Breakwater Beach and walk along the sand until you see one of the bottles. Click on it to pick it up and put it in your backpack.

Bottles on Breakwater Beach

Then you need to go to Tanglevine Jungle to find something called a tincture. It’s a little yellow ball that looks like the elixirs. It is over to the right of the Jaguar Ghost so you need to use your levitation power to cross the river and then keep going until you see it in the temple area.

Yellow Tincture in Tanglevine

Now you need to go to Sky Town Skate Park because the clue talks about the Firefly sprite. Go there and then walk across the bridge. There is a huge yellow lightning bolt right below the bridge on the main floating island. Click on it to get the energy bolt and complete the mission.

Yellow Tincture in Tanglevine

When you complete the mission you get 350 coins and a bottle of the activated repellent. It tells you to stay tuned so I guess this mission will be continued again next week!

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4 Responses to “Galvanize the Repellent”

  1. Holly Hunt Says:

    im doing the monster rumor mission and im trying to find the ice aerie key please can you help me reply as quick as possible from Holly

  2. TwilightRox Says:

    Wow! Thank you sooo much! You really helped me so so much! If you ever see BellsWerewolf –thats me!

  3. Funforu62 Says:


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