Help it Hatch

Help it Hatch

Help it Hatch is a mission for Gold Explorers only where you can help a Turtlebug critter hatch from an egg. You get to keep the Turtlebug at the end of the mission! If you already have a Turtlebug critter then you get 350 coins.

First you have to find the Turtlebug egg for Admiral Hawksbill. It is in Tanglevine Jungle on the little island on the other side of the river. Use your levitation power to cross the river and then look for the island with the broken pillar on it. The golden Turtlebug egg will be there.

Turtlebug Egg

Trivia Time: Do you know why that broken pillar is there on the island and what it used to do? Hint: think about what the other pillars in Tanglevine do. Old-time Dizzywood players should know this one! If you think you know the answer or just want to guess, post a comment.

OK, back to the mission. So now that you have the egg you need to go help it hatch by taking it to the secret sand pile. That is in Breakwater Beach and it is all the way over to the right near the entrance to the Cerulean Reef and the sign to Presto’s Edge. It looks a lot like the sand pile from the Dig for Dubloons mission. I think they used the same one!

Secret Sand Pile

Move your mouse cursor quickly over the pile for a minute or two and then the sand pile will open and the mission will be complete. You have helped hatch the egg and you will get either the Turtlebug critter or some coins.

You can change the color of the Turtlebug. I think there’s a glitch if you make the color a dark color because the entire critter changes. If you choose a light color only parts of it change.

Here is the regular Turtlebug:

regular turtlebug

Secret ninja turtlebug!

ninja turtlebug

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12 Responses to “Help it Hatch”

  1. jademonkey4k Says:

    that is so cool. I wish I was a gold explorer.


    lol sry thankyou soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    much you saved my day thx
    love ya Inaspace!

  3. sugarcake10 Says:

    THANKS SOO MUCH HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!! (its passed independence day)

  4. nature0nut Says:

    thxxxxx so much im on no in break water beach on wobbly come met me im gold

  5. dragoon8000(gold explorer) Says:

    kool thanx sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomuchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  6. Joasbrosrule Says:

    Hey M~
    I’m doing the mission- but there is no sand pile……
    yeah…i think its a glitch but i hope it shows up!!!
    ~ very concerned Joas

  7. 00peace00 Says:

    omg m u rock. u r ballan 😀

  8. poypoy101 Says:

    thank u so much !

  9. Banana_Sundae Says:

    thanks! 🙂 I got the turtlebug. What did the pillars used to do?

  10. Jijsaw Says:

    i know why hee hee im an old person on dw you use to get your powers from clicking on it or was it zapping it i forget

  11. omg freak Says:

    btw everyone is a gold memba today

  12. tiffany(dizzy2154) Says:

    thx a lot u rock

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