Where is M?

Here is a little game I made of me standing in different parts of Dizzywood. Try to guess where I am in each of these five pictures. Some of them are hard. Do you think you know? Guess in the comments! Good luck.











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7 Responses to “Where is M?”

  1. fluffers1490 Says:

    1) Onaski Treasure Room
    2) Garden Gazebo
    3) Wildwood Glen
    4) Rat Wraith’s Lair
    5) presto’s edge

  2. hi Says:

    1)crystal catacombs
    2)garden gazebo
    3)wildwood glen
    4)rat wraiths lair
    5)presto edge

    i am a huge fan of youre website! thanks for all the help!

  3. fluffers1490 Says:

    I know Dizzywood pretty well. πŸ˜‰

  4. MaTi~15 Says:

    1.)Onkasi treasure
    2.)Garden Gazabo
    3.)Wildwood glen
    4.)Rat wraith
    5.)Presto’s edge
    That was enough for easy games LOL
    it was easy im a ferfesounal πŸ˜‰

  5. petr4 Says:

    1. Onakasi Treasure Room or Jaguar Temple
    2.By the orange tree in Garden Gazebo
    3.Wildwood Glen
    4.Rat Wraith’s Lair
    5.Presto’s Edge

  6. 00peace00 Says:

    What mati sed lol heyy mati πŸ˜€

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