Monstrous Rumor

Monstrous Rumor - Dizzywood mission

There’s a new mission on Dizzywood called Monstrous rumor. You need to talk to Quill about the monsters he saw on the road to Canal City. Then the Winter Wizard sends you around Dizzywood to collect pieces of plants to make monster repellent. This mission is a little longer than most but it is kind of fun!

Talk to Quill

The first thing you need to do after you accept the mission is to talk to Quill the Junk Vendor. He is in Presto’s Edge up near the top over between the mystery wheel and the chasm. He will give you a little speech about his travels on the road and mentions that the worst part was the smelly monsters there. He tells you to talk to the Winter Wizard to get the recipe for Monster Repellent.

Quill gives a speech in Dizzywood

Talk to the Winter Wizard

The next step is to go talk to the Winter Wizard. He is in the Icy Aerie so you need to have already done the mission to Find the Key to the Icy Aerie before you do this. Go there by using the key on the crystal keyhole in Mage Barrow and then click on the Winter Wizard.

The Winter Wizard will ask you what was causing trouble for Quill. Click on the button that says Smelly Monsters.

Winter Wizard for Quill and his mission

The wizard will tell you that to make the monster repellent you will need to find three different plant pieces. The first one you need to find is mirthwood bark.

Mirthwood Bark

You can find the mirthwood bark in Wildwood Glen, which is filled with Mirthwood trees. The bark is along the edge of the pond. Every time Dizzywood puts something in Wildwood Glen it is alongside the pond!

Mirthwood Bark in Wildwood Glen

Whisperweed Stem

The next item you need to find is the Whisperweed Stem. It is in Presto’s Edge near the sign to Breakwater Beach.

whisperweed stem in presto's edge

Butterfaux Root

The third item you have to get is the Butterfaux Root. That is in the Garden Gazebo next to one of the rose bushes.

Butterfaux root in gazebo

Green Elixir

Now that you have all three plant items you need to get a green crystal. That is in Mage Barrow. Just go to Presto’s Edge and click on the Crystal Keyhole. Don’t use a key, just click on it. The green elixir will be right where you arrive.

Green Crystal in the Mage Barrow

Making the Monster Repellent

The final step is to mix together the ingredients for the monster repellent at the science tent in the Explorer’s Camp. The science tent is the first tent on the left with all the beakers and test tubes in it. Click on the tent and you will make the repellent. The mission will complete and you get the repellent and 350 coins!

The Science Tent in Explorer's Camp

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9 Responses to “Monstrous Rumor”

  1. cornmaze Says:

    but what do we do with the repellent??

  2. Cherry Says:

    wait for the next mission

  3. cornmaze Says:


  4. Becka Says:

    I went to the place where your supposed to find the green elixr, its not there i looked everywhere! and its really urking me bcuz i have everything else i need.

  5. Becka Says:

    I went to the place where your supposed to find the green elixr, its not there i looked everywhere! and its really urking me b-cuz i have everything else i need.

  6. Yay! Says:

    Thank you sooooo much!

  7. i am a girl but my acount name is cyboy Says:

    i went to get the green elixir but it wasnt there and i badly want to go to canal city


    were is this Quill guy???

  9. secretstar63 Says:

    do this come to my house im always in wobbly
    or be my friend

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